How to join

To join ASA, please, send a e-mail to the ASA President, attaching your CV.

The association fee is:

  • ordinary member: 70 euros per year
  • retired ordinary member: 40 euros per year
  • institution / company: 200 euros per year

The CV for natural person must contain mailing address and fiscal code. Legal person must specify VAT number.

    ASA President

    Luigi Fabbris


    The ASA (Association for Applied Statistics) welcomes scholars, technicians, professionals and companies willing to collaborate to the Italian Journal of Applied Statistics or to other activities aiming to enhance the use and innovation of statistics and technology in society, economy and the environment.

    How to pay

    You can pay the membership fee through a bank tranfer on:

    A.S.A. Associazione per la Statistica Applicata / Association for Applied Statistics

    IBAN: IT69T 03069 11310 1000000 70176


    ASA – Associazione per la Statistica Applicata


    Largo Gemelli, 1
    20123 Milano

    Phone / FAX

    +39 02 72342647

    +39 02 72343064