Vol 10, n.2

Probability of Identification of Statistical Units in Hierarchical and Longitudinal Surveys (in italian)

Benedetti R., Franconi L., Piersimoni F.
Small Area Estimation Methods in the Context of ISTAT Business Surveys (in italian)Falorsi S., Russo A.
Method for Small Area Estimation at Sub-Regional Level in Saple Surveys on Households Conducted by the National Institute of Statistics of Italy (in italian)Falorsi P. D., Falorsi S., Russo A.
Enterprises' Longitudinal Modifications and the Impact on Net Changes Estimation (in italian)Gismondi R.
The Outlier Localization Based on the Use of the Hidiroglou and Berthelot Function  (in italian)Luzi O.
A Generalised Software to Calculate Weights and Sampling Errors(in italian)Falorsi S., Rinaldelli C.
Principles and Methods of Generalized Software to Define Sample Planning for Business Survey (in italian)Falorsi P. D., Ballin M., De Vitiis C., Scepi G.
A Statistical Indicator for Microdata Quality Control (in italian)Galante Badaloni G., Anitori P.
Analysis of Discrepancies and Balancing Procedure of Yearly Economic Accounts to Define Margins of Error Attached to the Aggregates. An Application to Italian National Accounts (in italian)Puggioni A.
ISTATEL Project and Innovations in Data Collection and Data Editing Phases in Vital Statistics on Marriages (in italian)Manzari A., Marsiglia D., Prati S., Venturi M.
The Probabilistic Data Editing: the Joint Treatment of Systematic and Stochastic Errors by Means of the Application of Bayes Theorem to the Fellegi-Holt Methodology (in italian)Barcaroli G.
Recording of Interest in the Context of Excessive Deficit Procedure (in italian)Scafuri E.