Vol. 13, n. 4

Finite Mixture Models for Disease Mapping: an Application to the Incidence of Malignant Mesothelioma in ApuliaBilancia M., Pollice A.
Confidence Intervals for Actuarial Indexes: a Comparison between Asymptotic and Resampling Methods (in italian)Borgoni R., Benzoni S., Busetto A.

Data Editing in Agricultural Surveys: Perspectives and Solutions (in italian)

Espa G., Benedetti R., Piersimoni F.

The FIGARCH Processes: an Application to the MIB 30 Index (in italian)

Golia S.
The Stock and Watson Model with Makov Switching Dynamics: an Application to the Italian Business CycleOtranto E.
An evaluation of the technical efficiency in the health care system. A comparison of two approaches: Dea and SFR (in italian)Toti S., Berni R., Braga M., Marchi M.,