Vol. 8, n.1

Molecular and Biomedic Approaches for the Study of Human Evolution (in italian)Cavalli-Sforza L.
Generalized Linear Models: Checking Assumptions and Strengthening ConclusionsBreslow N. E.
Instrumental Variable Estimation and Estimating FunctionsLiang K. Y., Rhode C. A., Hanfeldt J.
Ecological Applications of Generalized Linear Models and Quasi-Likelihood Methods an Overwiev Kaur A., Gregori D., Patil G. P., Taillie C.
Projecting the AIDS Epidemic in England and Wales: a Bayesian Approach Gilks W. R., De Angelis D.
Biometrical Modelling in Mapping Quantitative Trait Genes by Using Genetic MarkersJansen R. C.
Uncertainty Analysis in Agricoltural Applications of Dinamic and Regression Models (in italian)Danuso F.
The Role of Age, Susceptible Population and Competitive Non-AIDS Mortality on Backcalculation Estimates of Hiv infection (in italian)Verdecchia A., Gross P.
Evaluating Home Care Models for AIDS Patients (in italian)Rossi C., Schinaia S., De Angelis V.
On the Treatment Effect Estimate in Stratified Clinical Trials with Unbalanced Data (in italian)Grigoletto F., Masiero S.
Selection Effects in Clinical Trials (in italian)Ballatori E.
Uncertainty and Resource Exploitation: Exploration Based on Qualitative ModellingBodini A.
Recursive Estimation Procedures of Space-Time Varying ParametersColi M.
Methodological Aspects of an Ecological Study on Association between Two Biological IndicatorsCislaghi C., Braga M., Nimis P. L.
Modeling and Managing European eels of the Valli di Comacchio LagoonsDe Leo G., Gatto M.
Relationship between Incidence and Mortality in Non-Reversible Diseases (in italian)Capocaccia R., Seeber A. C.
Longitudinal Analysis of Psychiatric Data Using a Case RegisterMicciolo R., Canal L.
Abundance of Different Species and Surname Distributions: from Statistical Model to Genetic Information (in italian)Zei G., Lisa A., Fiorani O., Guglielmino C. R.
Methodological Aspects in Spatial Analysis of Genetic Structure in Italian Populations of Beech (Fagus Sylvatica L.) (in italian)Leonardi S., Menozzi P.
The Familial Aggregation of Asthma (in italian)Boccuzzo G.
A Hierarchical Model to Identify Prognostic Factors in Survival AnalysisGiudici P.
Some Notes on Small Sample Behavior of GEEGregori D., Carmeci G.
The Association between Risk of Disease and Point Sources of Pollution: a Test for Case-Control DataLagazio C., Marchi M., Biggeri A.