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In general, we welcome papers on both statistical issues that are useful for the representation and causal analysis of real-world phenomena and on applications of statistics that, through quantitative analyses of social, productive and natural phenomena, outline exemplar models of the concerned phenomena.
Typical methodological fields would be statistical estimation and inference, sample surveys, data quality control, data and text mining, the integration of administrative and other big data sources with survey data, the comparison and evaluation of a population and its segments, social network analysis, computational statistics, and related software.
Subject areas of main, but not exclusive interest would include health, social and economic organisations, relationships, activities and policies, education (particularly in relation to labour and production), inequality and poverty, consumers’ and citizens’ preferences, choices and satisfaction, environmental care and pollution, leisure and sports.
One point deserves to be highlighted. Applied statistics is not the mere application of a statistical method to a dataset, even if the application is virtually interesting and the methods used fit the data. It may remain an application of statistics and it would not be a concern of this journal unless it was devoted to looking for regularities, affinities, relationships or concepts that would allow scholars to signify segments of the environment or society that are relevant to human beings. In other words, an application has to represent (conceptualise, contest or meta-analyse) a model or conjecture to improve current human knowledge of society or nature.