Vol. 3, n.4

On a Problematic Research on Accidents in a Productive Environment (in italian)Ferreri C.
On Some Preference Criteria in Statistical Quality Control (in italian)Vedaldi R.
The Energetic Content of a Windmill: Models and Inferential Methods (in italian)Magagnoli U.
On Sequential Sample Designs with Unilateral Protection in Statistical Testing (in italian)Iacobini A.
Multivariate Extension of the Equation-Error Control Model (in italian)Boari G.
System Identification and Rupture Diagnostic: a Case StudyFassò A.
Tool Subsitution Policy in a Controlled Production Environment (in italian)Galante G.,Lombardo A.
Surveillance Limits and Efficiency of Control Charts by Variables (in italian)Guseo R., Panizzon G.
Bayesian Estimation of the Outgoing Quality Distribution through Poisson Acceptance Sampling (in italian)Pistone G., Rogatin M. P.
Non-Recursive Smoothing for Barlow-Ivory Control Chart Additive Model: An Algorithm and a Simulation  (in italian)Repetto I., Simicich P.
Design Reliability (in italian)Vicario G.
Reliable Management of a FMS: Bayesian Estimates with Censored Small Samples (in italian)Erto P., Lanzotti A.
Statistical Methods for Filtering Estimates of Rains with Weather Radars (in Italian)Iuculano G., Catelani M.
On the Relation between Wald's Sequential Tests and the Cusum Control Charts for Sample Means: Correcting a Wrong InterpretationZanella A.
Statistical Inference for Survival Analysis under Censoring and TruncationAhmad R., Bell C. B.
The Reliability of a Linear System and Its Connection with the Generalized Birthday ProblemKounias S., Sfakianakis M.
Techniques for Estimating Cost Savings Obtainable by Using a Different Supplier of Telephone ServicesPeterson M. M.
On Some Applications of Conditionality PrincipleFrosini B. V.
Some Multidimensional Testing Problems with Missing Value by Resampling ProceduresPesarin F.
Semiparametric Combinations of Dependent Tests Using Latin Hypercube ResamplingPallini A.
A New Bayesian Sequential Procedure: Application to a Composite Hypothesis Testing for a Normal Mean (in italian)Ongaro A.
On the Maximum Likelihood Estimates of the Parameters of the Beta-Binomial FamilyBertoli Barsotti L., Paroli R.
Approximate Median Unbiased Estimators for the Weibull DistributionPace L., Salvan A.
Cramér-von Mises Minimum Variance Estimators for Censored Data (in italian)Masarotto G.
Guseo R. D-Optimality and Multivariate Linear Regression, the Homoscedastic CaseGuseo R.
A Comparison of Identifiability Conditions for Multivariate Linear Models in Armax and State Space RepresentationsDeldossi L.
A Statistical Analysis of the Italian Stock MarketZappa D.



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