Vol. 4, n.4

Standard Linear Multidimensional Techniques in Estimating Subsystem Structural ParametersLeoni R., Gallo G. M.
Simultaneous Components AnalysisTen Berge J. M. F., Kiers H. A. L., Van der Stel V.
Multiplicative Models for Genotype-Environment Interaction in Plant BreedingVan Eeuwijk F. A.
The Methodological Inpact of Non Linear AnalysisCoppi R., Di Ciaccio A.
Knot Fuzzy Selection in Fuzzy Non Linear Multivariate AnalysisVan Rijckevorsel J. L. A., De Leeuw J.
Stepwise Variable Selection in Quadratic Discriminant AnalysisPynnonen S.
Non Simmetrical Correspondence Analysis: a Non Linear ApproachVerde R.
Three Approaches to Study the Departure from Quasi-IndependenceVan der Heijden P. G. M.
Reduced-Rank Models for Dependence Analysis of Contingency TablesSiciliano R.
Diagnostic for Multiple Contingency TablesAndersen E. B.
Non Symmetrical Exploratory Data AnalysisD'Ambra L., Lauro N. C.
Redundancy Analysis for Various Type of VariablesIsraels A. Z.
On Stability in Non Symmetrical Correspondance Analysis Using BootstrapBalbi S.
On the Omogeneity Criterion for Determinig Whether Categories of Categorical Variables Could Be CombinedCastiglioni M., Della Zuanna G.
An Application of Non Linear Redundancy AnalysisVan der Burg E., Dijksterhuis G.
Multidimensional Scaling in RegressionTer Braak C. J. F.
Multidimensional Scaling and Correspondence Analysis for Square TablesBove G.
Simultaneous Clustering of Qualitative and Quantitative Data with Missing ObservationsDi Ciaccio A.
Interpretation of Stress in Non Metric Multidimensional ScalingCox M. A. A., Cox T. F.
Three-Mode Component Models. A Survey of LiteratureKroonenberg P. M.
Relations between Sets of Variates of a Tree-Way Data SetRizzi A., Vichi M.
Special Vec for a Diagonal Form of a Group of MatricesAmato V.
Tuckals Core Rotations and Constrained Truckals ModellingKiers H. A. L.
Three-Factor Interaction Models by Long-Trilinear Terms in Three-Way Contingency TablesMooijart A.
Some Observations on Similarity and Lack of Duality in Interstructure-Compromise-Intrastructure AnalysisPastore A.
Scalar Product and Synthesis of S-MatricesRocci R.
On The Space-Time Interaction Modles to Analyse Environmental Systems in Data and Frequencies DomainsColi M.
Analysis of Longitudinal Time-Dependent Data in Behavioral Science: Dutch ContributionsOud J. H. L., Bijleveld C. J. H.
Multivariate Intervention AnalysisAczel A. D.
Predictable Linear  Combinations from Categorical Time SeriesVan Buuren S.
Algorithms for the Estimation of Flows in Spatial Interaction Models: a Comparison to Check IsomorphismScimone A.
Analyzing Categorical Longitudinal Data Using Marginal Homogeneity ModelsHagenaars J. A.



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