Company requirements and monetary evaluation in the italian healthcare industry

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Andrea Marletta


During last years, many studies have been based on the possibility to give a monetary value for knowledge, skills and attitudes of a candidate during the recruitment process. This work carries out the evaluations of these requirements for individuals that through HR company have placed themselves in the phase of match with the different professional figures. This work will focus the attention on healthcare industry. Starting from data about job vacancies for this sector in Italy in 2017, the aim of the work is to carry out a monetary evaluation of the most important requirements. The analysed requirements have been chosen among a set of soft skills and join with the experience and two knowledge indicators. The methodology used for this work is the choice based conjoint analysis. Using this model, it is possible to identify the features of a candidate that mainly influence the entrepreneurs’ choice and the weight of these requirements in the wages. The use of a choice based conjoint model allows to obtain partial utilities that representing the starting point to build a monetary re-valuation index. This index can determine the monetary variation associated with any change in the combination of the attributes of a job with respect to the actual revenue generated by that job.

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