No. 1 (2013): Vol. 25, Number 1

  1. Summary
  2. Editorial
  3. Do clusters still matter for innovation? The case of the Lombardy meta-districts (Bartoloni, E.)
  4. The italian political and pre-election polls over time: a data quality analysis (Quintano, C., Rocca, A., Carfora, A.)
  5. An application of graphical models to the innobarometer survey: a map of firms’ innovative behaviour (Carota, C., Durio, A.,Guerzoni, M.)
  6. A rank-based permutation test for equivalence and non-inferiority (Arboretti, R., Carrozzo, E., Caughey, D.) SSD for R: an R package for analyzing single-subject data (Durio, A.)
Published: 2019-12-06