No. 2 (2013): Vol. 25, Number 2

  1. Summary
  2. Editorial (Gasperoni, G., Gnaldi, M., Iacus, S.M.)
  3. Evolving approaches to election forecasting (Evans, J.)
  4. Accuracy and bias in European prediction markets (Sveinung, A., Strijbis, O.)
  5. Assessing correct voting: a study based on a simulation of municipal elections in Italy (Gasperoni, G., Mantovani, D.)
  6. Forecasting elections with high volatility (Alaminos, A.F.)
  7. Election forecasting: a roundtable discussion (Mannheimer, R., Pessato, M., Gasperoni, G., Iacus, S.M.)
Published: 2019-12-06