No. 3 (2013): Vol. 25, Number 3

  1. Summary
  2. Editorial (Gasperoni, G., Gnaldi, M., Iacus, S.M.)
  3. Vote miscount or poll response bias? What causes discrepancy between polls and election results? (Dopp, K., Baiman, R.)
  4. Using social media to forecast electoral results: a review of the state of the art (Ceron, A., Curini, L., Iacus, S.M.)
  5. Polling and multi-party accuracy measures: evidence from the Italian general elections (Castro, G., Tomaselli, V.)
  6. The predictive ability of pre-election polls in Italy: a regional focus (Vignati, R., Gasperoni, G.)
  7. News coverage and candidate preferences: using media content to predict election poll movement (Cassino, D., Kolmer, C.)
  8. Estimating representatives from election poll proportions: the Spanish case (Pavia, J.M., Garcia-Carceles, B., Badal, E.)
Published: 2019-12-06