No. 2 (2012): Vol. 24, Number 2

  1. Summary
  2. Editorial(Coccia, G., O’Muircheartaigh, C. Righi, A.)
  3. Well-being and quality of life in Italy: assessing and selecting indicators for local policy making (Biggeri, L., Laureti, T., Secondi, L.)
  4. Happiness and the relational dimension of well-being (Righi, A.)
  5. Domestic material consumption indicator and natural resources: a European analysis of the environmental Kuznets curve (Auci, S., Vignani, D.)
  6. Decomposing employment change in a crisis period in Italy: a multifactor partitioning approach (Bianchi, A., Biffignandi, S.)
  7. Quantifying the underground economy: measurement and productivity (Mantegazza, S., Pisani, S., Viviani, A.)
  8. The effect of ownership structure on the relationship between r&d intensity and cash flow (Bini, M., Nascia, L., Zeli, A.)
Published: 2019-12-06