No. 3 (2012): Vol. 24, Number 3

  1. Summary
  2. Editorial
  3. Demographic structure and spatially contiguous areas in Tuscany (Benassi, F., Naccarato, A.)
  4. Churn prediction in telecommunications industry. A study based on bagging classifiers (Canale, A., Lunardon, N.)
  5. How the science of geo-marketing helps strategic decision-making in a context of information redundancy (Di Nisio, R., Di Battista, T.)
  6. Public geomarketing: georeferencing IRT models to support public decision (Di Zio, S., Fontanella, L.)
  7. A comparison between the geostatistical potential model and the discrete choice logit models in the estimation of spatial market potentials (Finazzi, F.)
  8. The impact of the economic crisis for Italian exporting sectors: a spatial-statistics analysis (Boselli, C., Truglia, F. G., Zeli, A.)
Published: 2019-12-06