The Association for Applied Statistics (ASA) is an Italian association aiming to scientific and cultural objectives, any profit-making business is excluded. It groups together scholars, some of whom constituted the Association facing the notary and others admitted afterword.

The Association is the owner of the scientific journal ‘Statistica Applicata – Italian Journal of Applied Statistics’

Founded 1967

The Association was initially founded to support the scientific journal Statistica Applicata – Italian Journal of Applied Statistics.

Our Vision

ASA aims to support the use of Statistics for the representation and causal analysis of real phenomena, in particular of social, economic-productive and natural phenomena,

ASA has exclusively scientific-cultural purposes, with the exclusion of any profit-making purpose.

Our Mission

ASA aims to promote the development of statistics and its applications by means of:

  • publication of monographs, series and periodicals concerning applied statistics
  • promotion and organization of training and refresher courses, conferences, seminars and other scientific events on topics related to Statistics and its applications
  • promotion of prizes and awards for scholars and professionals, in particular the younger, contributing on applied statistics fields

    support and improvement of research concerned with statistics and its applications




Initially, the Association was founded to support the scientific journal Statistica Applicata – Italian Journal of Applied Statistics. Currently, on top of that, the Association organise various activities as described in Our Mission.

The Journal was founded in 1967 with the name “Rivista di Statistica Applicata” and renewed in 1989 when it was given its current name, the Italian Journal of Applied Statistics is a leading journal to foster the results of studies – empirical, methodological and epistemological – in the field of applied statistics.

These studies encompass the whole spectrum of human, social, technological and environmental sciences, including the planning and evaluation of systems, services and policies, and the municipal, regional, national and international organizations. Topics covered include health, education and welfare, employment, jobs and careers, cultures, minorities, social customs and social deviations, inequality and poverty, leisure, sports, the natural environment, production technology, communication and the information society.

The Journal is abstracted/indexed in

Current Index to Statistics; Statistical Theory and Methods Abstracts; Google Scholar, Scopus


ASA – Associazione per la Statistica Applicata


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