The effects of a new e-tivity on students' performance and satisfaction in an online course




Online Higher Education, Composite Indicator, Statistics Course, Interactive Learning, Autonomous Learning


Online education is nowadays becoming increasingly important in students’ learning process. To plan future activities within an online course, it is crucial to understand which factors mostly contribute to Student Satisfaction which, in turn, affects the students’ performances. The data collected from students attending the course in Statistics of the bachelor’s in Economics in Unitelma Sapienza was considered, with the aim to detect both what students appreciated the most about a specific interactive online activity (e-tivity) and what critical aspects they believed emerged from the experience. Moreover, the performances obtained by the students who took part in this e-tivity were compared with the ones of whom had not attended. Finally, the paper presents an aggregated index for the Student Satisfaction highlighting the main aspects of it.



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Sarnacchiaro, P., & Cavicchia, C. (2022). The effects of a new e-tivity on students’ performance and satisfaction in an online course. Statistica Applicata - Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, 33(2), 163–175.



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