No. 2 (2022): Vol. 34, Number 2

1. Thematic issue on "Learning and Teaching Statistics: new challenges and frontiers" (Banos, R., Markos, A., Palumbo, F., Vistocco, D., Wilhelm, A.F.X.)

2. Heterogeneity in class: clustering students’ attitudes toward statistics (Aschenbruck, R. S. G., Lübke, K., Wilhelm, A. F.X.)

3. The protective role of intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, and self-regulation strategies against procrastination and statistics anxiety (Folgado-Alufre, M., Serrano-Mendizábal, M., Miragall, M., Desdendato, L., García-Ubiedo, L., Baños, R.M.)

4. Successful factors in statistics learning for non-STEM courses students: a PLS-PM approach (Fabbricatore, R., Parola, A., Pepicelli, G., Palumbo, F.)

5. Evaluation of distance measures for nonparametric classification in small-scale educational settings (Markos, A., Themelis, E., Moschidis, S.)

6. The learning style of teenagers with callous-unemotional traits (Rossi, L., Camminatiello, I., Zanetti, M.)

Published: 2023-05-23

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