No. 3 (2022): Vol. 34, Number 3

1. In memory of Prof. Ettore Marubini (Valsecchi, M.G., Cesana, B.M., Decarli, A.)

2. Smart mobility in Milan, Italy. A cluster analysis at district level (Cornali, N., Seminati, M., Maranzano. P., Chiodini, P.M.)

3. Identity Capital Model in Italian university students: Evaluation of the Italian versions of the Multi-Measure Agentic Personality Scale and Identity Stage Resolution Index (Sica, L.S., Di Palma, T., Aleni Sestito, L., Ragozini, G.)

4. Connected aspects of risk measure and inequality indices with reliability concepts (Behdani, Z., Borzadaran, G.R.M.)

5. Antecedents of distance learning perception of the students during the COVID-19 pandemic (Iannario, M., Iodice D’Enza, A., Romano, R.)

Published: 2023-05-23