No. 1 (2019): Vol. 31, Number 1

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  1. Editorial. Skills and higher education (Fabbris, L., Moscone, F., Vittadini, G.)
  2. Development of two scales for measuring academic psychological capital and locus of control in fresh graduates (Robusto, E., Maeran, R., Colledani, D., Anselmi, P.)
  3. Psychological capital and locus of control as determinants of graduate employability beyond human and social capital (Fabbris, L., Fornea, M.)
  4. The value of the personal skills of new graduates in the recruitment process: a conjoint analysis case study in Lombardy (Mariani, P., Marletta, A., Zenga, M.)
  5. Educational qualifications yields as employment risk: an empirical analysis of the horizontal inequality (Bison, I., Dickson, M.M., Espa, G., Santi, F.)
  6. Online job vacancies in the Italian labour market (Vannini, I., Rotolone, D., Di Stefano, C.)
  7. On the determinants of student mobility in an interregional perspective: a focus on Campania region (Santelli, F., Scolorato, C., Ragozini, G.)
  8. Education and migration: the mobility dynamics of Italian graduates (Giacalone, M., Mattera, R., Panarello, D.)
  9. Italian graduates and international mobility: a potential outcome model applied to Almalaurea data (Camillo, F., Vittadini, G., Binassi, S.)
Published: 2020-02-10