No. 2-3 (2017): Vol. 29, Number 2-3

Cover Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, vol. 29, 2-3, 2017
  1. Summary
  2. Editorial (Balbi, S., Blasius, J., Greenacre, M.)
  3. Linkage index of variables and its relationship with variance of eigenvalues in PCA and MCA (Durand, J.-l., Le Roux, B.)
  4. The dirty data index – assessing the quality of survey data in international comparison (Blasius, J., Nenadić, O., Thiessen, V.)
  5. Taxicab correspondence analysis of sparse two-way contingency tables (Choulakian, V.)
  6. Simultaneous analysis for audience profiling and audience prediction (Fenoglio, E.)
  7. Statistical treatment of free sorting data: a brief review of methods and a new association model (Qannari, E.m, Vigneau, E.)
  8. A framework for the incremental update of the MCA solution (Markos, A., Iodice D’enza, A.)
  9. Total inertia decomposition in tables with a factorial structure (Greenacre, M., Korneliussen, T.)
  10. Correspondence analysis of massive data: key role of resolution scale of the analytics (Murtagh, F.)
  11. A joint analysis of heterogeneous information on Italian listed firms (Balbi, S., Spano, M., Misuraca, M.)
  12. About fragmented analysis of texts. Some inferential issues in text mining (variations on the “inaugural addresses corpus”) (Lebart, L.)
  13. Data analysis: good but... (Gower, J.c., Gardner-lubbe, S., Le Roux, N.j.)
  14. Multiple factor analysis of distributional data (Verde, R., Irpino, A.)
  15. Combinatorial typicality test in geometric data analysis (Bienaise S., Le Roux B.)
Published: 2019-12-03

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