No. 3 (2018): Vol. 30, Number 3

Cover Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, vol. 30, 3, 2018
  1. Remembering Gini’s opening lecture at the first scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society on "The dangers of Statistics" (Pesarin, F.)
  2. Application of zero adjusted models for modelling number of antenatal care visits of pregnant women in Bangladesh (Chowdhury, A., Chowdhury Biswas, S.)
  3. Modelling drivers of consumer liking handling consumer and product effects (Davino, C., Romano, R., Vistocco, D.)
  4. Mixture of two generalized inverted exponential distributions with censored sample: properties and estimation (Tabassum, N.S., Hussain, Z.)
  5. Explaining individual attitudes towards immigration in Europe: a multilevel analysis before and after the economic crisis (Sironi, E., Wolff, A.N.)
Published: 2020-02-22