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Call for Papers Thematic issue on "Measurement in STEM Education"


Nowadays, quantitative methodologies have been traditionally adopted to evaluate learning processes in a broad sense, including class interventions and large-scale surveys. However, only recently there has been an increased use of rigorous psychometric assessment of new instruments, randomized clinical trials, longitudinal designs and multivariate analyses in STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) education field. This thematic issue seeks applied and methodological papers addressing challenging problems using new and established statistical methods to the field of STEM education.

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Current Issue

No. 2 (2023): Vol. 35, Number 2

1. The relationship between players’ average marginal contributions and salaries: an application to NBA Basketball using the generalized Shapley value (Biancalani, F., Gnecco, G., Metulini, R.)

2. Evaluation of off-the-ball actions in soccer (Wu, L., Swartz, T.)

3. A survival analysis to discover which skills determine a higher scoring in basketball (Macis, A., Manisera, M., Sandri, M., Zuccolotto, P.)

4. Football analytics based on player tracking data using interpolation techniques for the prediction of missing coordinates (Karlis, D., Kontos, C.)

5. Gender comparison of in-match psychological traits of tennis players: dynamic network analysis (Milekhina, A., Breznik, K., Restaino, M.)

Published: 2023-05-23
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