Research topics cover human, social and environmental sciences. They include the planning and evaluation of systems, services and policies, the study of local, regional, national and international organizations, and, in particular, the protection of health, education and training, social services, employment and professions, cultures, minorities, social habits and deviant behavior, inequalities and poverty, leisure and sport, pollution and protection of the natural environment, communications and the information society.

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Call for papers. Thematic issue on “Online teaching-learning in higher education during COVID-19 pandemic: Empirical evidence and quantitative studies”


The recent pandemic has forced universities to change the way teaching is delivered, with a transfer from on-site to on-line education. This thematic issue aims to collect quantitative studies describing online teaching-learning modes adopted by universities for the teaching-learning process and subsequent semester examinations.

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No 2 (2020): Vol. 32, Number 2

1. Open data: Applications in social care and health (Galeone, C., Bonzi, R.)

2. Bayesian networks for the analysis of inpatient admissions (Conigliani, C., Petitti, T., Vitale, V.)

3. Joint models for time-to-event and multivariate longitudinal data: a likelihood approach (Mazzoleni, M.)

4. Graph data base: an enabling technology for drug prescription patterns analysis (Giordani, I., Archetti, F., Candelieri, A., Arosio, G., Mattina, R.)

5. Company requirements and monetary evaluation in the italian healthcare industry (Marletta, A.)


Published: 2020-09-18

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