No. 3 (2020): Vol. 32, Number 3

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1. Measurement Errors in Survey Data and the Estimation of Poverty and Inequality Indices (D’Alessio G.)

2. An Application of Spatially Adjusted Kolmogorov-smirnov Test in Comparing Heart PET Scans (Zheng W., Lai D., Wang Z., Johnson N.P., Gould K.L.)

3. The Visual Acuity Measurement and its Multiple Testing for Patients Implanted with Intraocular Lenses During the Cataract Surgery (Mita N., Sasaki H., Yamauchi T., Kani K., Tabuchi A., Hara H.)

4. Higher-Order PLS-Path Modeling: A Useful Tool for the Reduction of the Length of the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire (Cataldo R., Galasso R., Grassia M.R., Marino M.)

Published: 2021-04-01

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