No. 1 (2023): Vol. 35, Number 1

1. Thematic issue on "Statistics for performance and match analysis in sports - Editorial" (Carpita, M., Metulini, R., Van Eetvelde, H.)

2. Multivariate permutation MCNEMAR’S test with application to performance evaluation of basket players (Bonnini, S., Corain, L., Pesarin, F., Salmaso, L.)

3. When is 2 better than 3 in basketball? (Gjøen, P.S.-U., Hvattum, S. A., Moltubak, E.M., Hvattum, L.M.)

4. Using (copula) regression and machine learning to model and predict football results in major European leagues (van der Wurp, H., Groll, A.)

5. welo: an R package for weighted and standard ELO rates (Candila, V.)

6. A causal investigation of pace of play in soccer (Dona, N.E., Swartz, T.B.)

Published: 2023-05-23