No. 2 (2019): Vol. 31, Number 2

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  1. Partial least squares discriminant analysis (Fordellone, M., Bellincontro, A., Mencarelli, F.)
  2. Analysis of the prediction ability of a University self-evaluation test: statistical learning methods for predicting student performance (Hasa, E., Grilli, L.)
  3. Intimate partner violence – A statistical measure (Gupta, A., Nazrin, C.S.)
  4. Drivers and uncertainty for job satisfaction of the Italian graduates (Capecchi S., Simone R., Ghiselli S.)
  5. The determinants of tourism destination competitiveness in 2006 – 2016: a partial least squares path modelling approach (Magrini, A., Grassini, L.)
Published: 2020-02-12